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Champion Scrabble player banned after investigation

This Scrabble ace has been ex-spelled.

Former UK Scrabble champion and star Allan Simmons has been banned from playing the game competitively for three yeas following an investigation that found he is a C-H-E-A-T-E-R.

Under the right circumstances, that’s a seven-letter word that uses all your tiles — but the label gets you zero points from the Association of British Scrabble Players.

The group initiated an independent investigation into games Simmons played in 2016.

The search found that Simmons, a 60-year-old Scotsman, broke the rules of the popular word game.

Simmons covertly replaced tiles he didn’t want during games, according to a trio of independent witnesses.

Simmons denied the charge, and told the Times of London that he has as much “untimely bad luck from the bag as anyone else.”

“You have to remember that at the top level, games can be quite intense and there’s a lot going through one’s mind, let alone remembering to religiously ensure tile drawing rules are followed meticulously,” he added.

Simmons has authored books — “Official Scrabble Words” and “Scrabble Trainer” — and columns and puzzles for the Times of London related to the game.

In addition to the three-year ban, Simmons will lose his Times gig.


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