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British rocker gets Justin Bieber tattoo for charity


Saturday, November 21, 2015, 8:13 AM

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Jamie Young got the tattoo to help raise money for charity in England.

You better Belieb it.

A British bouncer declared his love for Justin Bieber by getting a tattoo dedicated to the Canadian pop star.

Rock fan Jamie Young risked his reputation by getting inked with ‘I love Justin Bieber’ — but it’s all for charity.

The big-hearted 23-year-old got the tramp stamp tattoo last month and raised $ 1,500 for charity at the Sky Fest II rock concert.

Young worked at the event last year, but this year decided to go one step further in his dedication to the cause.

“I decided to help raise more money for charity. I would come up with a stunt and do something stupid so I got the idea of getting this tattoo,” he told Mirror Online.

“I then posted on Facebook if we raise $ 1,500 for charity then I would get a tattoo saying ‘I love Justin Bieber’.

“When it came down to it, we had people paying more on the door just to help us get over the $ 1,500 mark.”

Young admitted he wasn’t Bieber’s biggest fan and added: “I’ve got no interest in Justin Bieber or his music at all but I’m game for a laugh and find it funny.”

Justin Bieber performed on NBC's "Today" show earlier this week.James Devaney/GC Images

Justin Bieber performed on NBC’s “Today” show earlier this week.

Young, from Manchester, England, donated the cash to the charity Make Some Noise during the Halloween festival.

He has also previously had the Playboy bunny logo, Hello Kitty logo, Pokemon characters and Lego bricks inked.

“Some of the tattoos were part of lost bets and some of them I got done as dares. It was just stupid things we did growing up,” he said.


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