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Brazilian company promoting black toilet paper accused of racism

A Brazilian manufacturing company that launched a campaign promoting a brand of black toilet paper featuring a white woman has been accused of racism.

Santher, a manufacturing company based in São Paulo, launched the Personal VIP Black toilet paper with the slogan “Black is Beautiful” on Monday.

The ad features Brazilian actress Marina Ruy Barbosa — who is white — sporting the black toilet paper over her naked body.

People have condemned the company of misrepresenting the “Black is Beautiful” movement from the 1960s.

Dove model in ‘racist’ ad says ‘I’m not a victim’

“People died for this expression to be revered to this day,” Brazilian writer Anderson França wrote in a Facebook post. “People are still dying and this expression is more important and vital than ever before. But in Brazil, if you type #blackisbeautiful you will find butt paper.”

“In Brazil #Blackisbeautiful is not a cause, now is toilet paper. Where do black lives matter?” Twitter user Flávia Soares wrote.

“We see racism in everything or are they conveniently blind?” another user wrote.

The company issued a statement on its website apologizing for the use of the slogan and said it had no “intention of provoking a racial dispute.”

Santher added that it has pulled the slogan from its product campaign.


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