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Bits: Daily Report: Tweaks on the Road to Wireless, but No Pyrotechnics From Apple


The new version of the Apple Watch emphasizes fitness and health. Credit Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Apple’s big annual product event came and went on Wednesday. So much ink has been spilled on the new products already that we will keep it mercifully short.


■ For all the details of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, plus the upgraded Apple Watch that Apple showed off at the event, read Katie Benner’s story about the announcements. While Apple introduced new features to its devices, including a revised home button to the iPhone and the inclusion of GPS on the Watch, there was no new can’t-miss hit nor even a dramatic change to an old classic, she writes.

■ So what’s a consumer to do? For many people, there is little reason to rush to preorder the new gadgets, says Brian X. Chen. The changes to the iPhone and Apple Watch are not dramatic enough to warrant a buying stampede, though people who have smartphones that are more than two years old may find the technology has leapt quite far in that time, he writes.

■ A deeper issue facing Apple, as evidenced by the unchanged looks of the new iPhones and Apple Watch, is that the company’s once formidable edge in design may be slipping, writes Farhad Manjoo. That is a longer-term change in perception that the company may need to come to grips with, he cautions, especially as iPhone sales start to decline and it is unclear what Apple’s next big thing may be.

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