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Bits: Daily Report: At Apple, U.S. Jobs That Go Beyond Manufacturing


Employees eating lunch at Apple’s campus in Austin, Tex. Credit Tamir Kalifa for The New York Times

President-elect Donald J. Trump said during the campaign that he would push companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. He named one tech company in particularApple — which is the world’s largest public company and makes many of its gadgets overseas.

Apple does make one product domestically: The Mac Pro desktop computer is assembled in Austin, Tex., through the contract manufacturer Flex. So Vindu Goel, a New York Times tech reporter, recently visited Austin to see what having tech manufacturing domestically has wrought for Apple and the area.


What he found was a more nuanced picture showing that manufacturing is far from the only way for a tech company to provide good jobs and career paths for Americans.

It turns out Apple has a campus in Austin where the number of jobs has grown rapidly, reaching about 6,000 jobs now, up from around 2,100 seven years ago. The roles that Apple has created there are varied, including fielding tech-support calls, overseeing logistics with suppliers and updating Apple’s Maps software. The average salary of Apple’s Austin employees, including management, is $ 77,000 a year.

The manufacturing jobs at Flex’s Austin location, located about a mile from the Apple campus, are also important, of course. Flex added about 2,000 jobs for the Mac Pro desktop. But clearly, they are not the only kinds of jobs a tech company can now create.

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