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Bill Belichick pulls a George Costanza during presser


Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 12:49 PM

Bill Belichick pulled a move out of the George Costanza playbook and left on a high note during a Wednesday morning’s press conference.

With LeGarrette Blount out with the season-ending hip injury he suffered during Sunday’s win over the Texans, the Patriots could use another running back. New England is reportedly interested in ex-Falcon Steven Jackson, according to reports, but Belichick isn’t keen on discussing the matter.

Instead, like a “Seinfeld” scene right out of Mr. Kruger’s office, the Patriots coach decided to exit stage left when Jackson was mentioned.

“Do we want to end on a high note?” Belichick asked the media as a smile creeped across his face.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick might be a ‘Seinfeld’ fan.Stephan Savoia/AP

A reporter starts to mention Jackson again and Belichick cuts him off — “Let’s just end on a high note.”

Then he’s gone.

Belichick might have an extremely dry sense of humor but clearly he has one; and let’s not forget his “My Cousin Vinny” reference during a Deflategate press conference earlier this year.

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