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Barron Hilton, Paris' little brother, gets naked for photos

All they are saying is give peace  and trust funds  a chance.

Following in his big sister’s footsteps, hotel heir Barron Hilton went naked for a photoshoot last week with his fiancee Tessa Gräfin Von Walderdorff, according to a source familiar with that session. The blue bloods’ private shoot was “inspired by John and Yoko.”

Hilton and Von Walderdorff, who announced their engagement earlier this month, went into a Flatiron District photo studio to shoot formal engagement pictures, when “things took a kinky turn,” according to our spy.

The pair started by taking traditional photos in which Hilton is wearing a black and white suit and the bride-to-be is decked out in a white Maggie Norris gown and overcoat. During the course of that shoot, Hilton started showing the photographer cell phone photos of Annie Leibovitz’s iconic 1980 photo of Lennon and Ono in bed. That picture, taken the day Lennon was killed, wound up on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

“He was oozing his appreciation of that shot,” we’re told. “This was not planned.”

Hilton proceeded to convince the photog to put a blanket on the floor, then he disrobed and they recreated the famed photo. Von Walderdorff, like Yoko Ono in the original shot, wore a black shirt for the recreation.


John Lennon and Yoko Ono, seen here in 1969, are still inspiring hipsters in 2017.


“They got entwined so you’re not seeing full frontal Hilton,” we’re told. “But oh, he’s completely nude.”

Where Hilton’s nude photo will wind up is unclear, but our insider will be surprised if it’s used for the couple’s wedding invites. We’re also told that particular picture set may never be made public at all.

“They’re being edited now to make sure there’s no Hilton parts-slip,” we’re told.

Should those steamy images go public, it would hardly be a first for the Hilton family. In 2004, Barron’s older sister Paris became a household name after a sex tape, in which she was the star, went viral.


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