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Apple’s New iPhone Release: What to Expect

Brian X. Chen says several factors have played major roles. The iPhones have strong security, for example, and Apple offers a strong technical support system, including the Genius Bar at Apple retail stores. But there is also Apple’s tight ecosystem — the iPhone works well with other Apple products — and, over time, Apple has gained people’s trust.

The Future of the Smartphone?

For the last decade, smartphones have gotten thinner and faster. But the gadgets are still evolving in more interesting ways. As we wrote two weeks ago, some of the latest new tricks involve the cameras and sensors.

New cameras are starting to enable face scanning, allowing people to unlock their phone just by looking at it. There remain sizable limitations to some of this technology, but some aspects seem primed to enter the mainstream.

In addition, the new hardware will enhance augmented reality, in which digital objects can be placed on real-life objects. Apple, among other technology giants, have been bullish on augmented reality — which relies on advanced camera technology and is aided by motion sensors.

Stay Tuned

Brian X. Chen, Farhad Manjoo and Vindu Goel, technology reporters and columnists for The New York Times, will be at the event to tell you about it.

Curious about Apple’s announcements? Submit your questions here, and Brian X. Chen, our lead consumer technology writer, will respond to some of the most notable ones.

The first iPhone was released 10 years ago and swiftly turned the smartphone from a curiosity into our constant companion.

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