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Antivirus founder John McAfee has his Twitter hacked

He must have forgotten to wait for all 18 updates to his antivirus software to finish.

All PC owners know his name: John McAfee, the man behind McAfee Antivirus software, which either truly protects PCs from external threats or makes users want to throw their computer out the window because of the constant reminders and computer-freezing updates.

Despite his success as the first name in antivirus software, McAfee had his Twitter account hacked on Wednesday.

“Urgent: My account was hacked,” McAfee wrote. “Twitter has been notified. The coin of the day tweet was not me. As you all know… I am not doing a coin of the day anymore!!!!”

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McAfee — who began the company bearing his name in 1987 and resigned in 1994 — has recently been involved with MGT Capital Investments, a Bitcoin mining company, using his Twitter account to post “Coin of the Day” suggestions for buying cryptocurrencies. The hacked tweets began sharing several coin suggestions in a row after McAfee tweeted he wouldn’t be doing them daily anymore.

McAfee’s coin recommendations often led to spikes in value for those assets, the BBC reported. In fact, according to Cryptovest, a cryptocurrency news outlet, prices on Siacoin and Nxt rose after the imposter tweets were fired off.

The tweets have since been deleted — with the prices on the selected coins dropping again — and Twitter was notified as McAfee alerted his followers to the hack.

So, who hacks the anti-hacker king? It’s still unclear, though some suggest bots looking to drive specific cryptocurrency investments are behind it.

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McAfee tweeted, “If it can affect me it can affect anyone. Most likely my phone was compromised,” saying that while he is a security expert, he has no control over Twitter security.

“I was on a boat at the time and could not go to my carrier (AT&T) to have the issue corrected,” McAfee told the BBC. “All that the hacker did was compromise my Twitter account. It could have been worse.”

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