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Anna Wilding: Male co-workers ‘shielded’ me from pervy Weinstein

Actress Anna Wilding was warned about Harvey Weinstein’s predatory ways.

Wilding told WABC Radio Host Rita Cosby on Thursday that she was once “shielded” from the movie mogul by a pair of male colleagues.

They “came up to me and literally stood between me and Harvey, they literally lodged their way between me and Harvey, and said ‘No Harvey, not Anna,’ or ‘No Harvey, not this one.’ It was quite extraordinary,” the New Zealand-born starlet said.

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Wilding said the incident took place at a Miramax party during the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. “They spoke to me afterward directly and they said, ‘Anna, you are not safe to be alone with Harvey,’ and they were very clear with me not to ever be alone with Harvey,” she added.

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Wilding, who served as an independent White House correspondent for nearly two years, said behavior such as Weinstein’s is common in Hollywood, calling the culture “rampantly predatory.”

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