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Angry cops team up on former officer who shot Lillo Brancato doc

So much for assuaging the concerns of fellow police veterans.

In Sunday’s Confidential, former NYPD officer Steve Stanulis told us he lost some friends from the force when he took on the job of shooting a documentary about “A Bronx Tale” star Lillo Brancato. The fallen actor served nearly a decade in prison for his part in an attempted robbery that left detective Daniel Enchautegui dead.

As it turned out, Stanulis’ made new enemies by trying to explain himself — and some of those people want him dead, too.

“Do the WORLD a favor and put your gun in your mouth and pull the trigger you piece of s–t coward,” one man who appears to be a retired officer, who joined the force in 1993, wrote on Stanulis’ Facebook page. Stanulis became a cop in 1994.

Another former officer who took exception to Stanulis’ working with Brancato is retired sergeant George Kallas. He objected to Stanulis referring to Brancato as a person “I call a friend now.”

Officer Daniel Enchautegui  

Officer Daniel Enchautegui  


Their debate played out on a Facebook forum made up of of 3,500 cops and NYPD supporters.

“This quote alone is a stab in the back to every New York City Cop that as had the honor of putting on that blue uniform,” wrote Kallas, a former cop with the 88th precinct.

Stanulis tried to distance himself from that quote in the forum, but assured us by phone we had it right.

“We’re ‘friends’ in the sense that we were on set together for 10 days,” Stanulis said of his relationship with Brancato. “Have we seen each other or are we BFFs since we’ve finished shooting? No. I haven’t spoken to the guy.”

Actor Lillo Brancato is the topic of a new documentary called "Wasted Talent" that's already causing controversy.

Actor Lillo Brancato is the topic of a new documentary called “Wasted Talent” that’s already causing controversy.

(Andrew Schwartz/For New York Daily News)

Stanulis also said that he expects Brancato to attend the “Wasted Talent” premiere at the New York City Film Festival on March 5. There may be a police presence, but whose side they’ll be on is anyone’s guess. Kallas told us by email that profits from this film are “blood money.” Stanulis says that if the film makes money, half of his profits will benefit fallen officers.

Stanulis seemed to indicate on that Facebook forum that he contacted the Daily News for a retraction of the “friend” quote and we “won’t do it.” In fact, he tells us his assistant assured him that because our information was correct, there was no point in making that call, so they didn’t.

Stanulis still insists police officers should see the “impartial” film — especially the nearly dozen cops he spoke to for the movie, all of whom he said wanted to see Brancato rot in prison.

“For all they know it could be an hour and a half of calling Lillo an a–hole,” he said.


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