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Altered images of presidential portraits mocking Trump go viral

Face-palming Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office is all of us.

The altered White House portraits of four American political icons reacting to President Trump have gone viral since they were posted last week. The pictures — which have racked up over 74,000 likes and 40,000 retweets after being posted by Enzo A Moray (@JaimsVanDerBeek) — show an angry-faced George Washington and seemingly embarrassed Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and Andrew Jackson.

In the first of the four images, the first president of the U.S., George Washington, is flipping off Trump behind his back. The red-cheeked, angry-eyebrow expression on Washington’s portrait is altered from his typically sedate appearance. And the standard American flag pin on Trump’s lapel has been switched out for a Russian Federation flag.

The second image shows Trump on the phone in his office as Jackson, America’s seventh President, slaps the palm of his hand to his own face, a dismayed gesture from the former leader.

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Photo number three portrays the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, making what could be determined as either a very crude back-and-forth motion with his hand, pointed in the direction of Trump’s face, or the beginnings of a balled fist. The Photoshop pro swapped Trump’s U.S. flag for the Russian version in this shot, too.

Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, in a particularly bold move, is shown in the fourth image holding his fingers in the shape of a gun and miming the act of blowing his head off as Trump grins for the camera below, Russian Federation pin and all.

The tweet is garnering hundreds of supportive and enthusiastic comments, too.

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