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Actress falsely accused of appearing in campaign ad faces bullying

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MONTREAL — A Montreal actress is calling on voters to think critically about what they see online after being falsely accused of appearing in a campaign video for Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

Adina Katz says she’s still reeling from the barrage of attacks she received from social media users who misidentified her in a video posted to Scheer’s social media earlier this month.

In the video, a woman who introduces herself as Adina discusses health care with Scheer citing her experience as a cancer survivor, and says she’ll be voting Conservative.

Katz says she was on vacation in Connecticut last week when a friend sent her a text to alert her that her name and image were circulating on Twitter.

She says she stayed up all night trying to refute attacks calling her a terrible and “immoral” actress who would pretend to be a cancer survivor for a paycheque.

The 41-year-old actress says the online ambush, which also included insults about her appearance, has given her insight into the harms of cyberbullying.

A spokesperson for Scheer did not immediately return a request for comment.


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