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WATCH: Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks get revenge on Jimmy Fallon


Saturday, November 14, 2015, 11:27 AM

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t often speak publically, but when he does, it’s beautiful.

After weeks of taking shots from Jimmy Fallon during the Tonight Show host’s NFL Superlatives bit, Lynch and other Seahawks players took revenge Friday.

Fallon has been using photo headshots of NFL players, many of them from Seattle, to make up his signature superlatives segment. For instance, he named quarterback Russell Wilson “Most Likely to Wave With Just His Fingers” and Lynch “Most Likely To Dot His T’s And Cross His Eyes.”

Seahawks players responded by giving Fallon a taste of his own medicine, showcasing some of the comedian’s worst photos with their own made-up superlatives, such as “Most Likely To Have A Zumba Membership.”

Lynch, though, didn’t have time for any of that petty comedy. Instead, the Seattle running back took a more direct approach with his insult, which comes right at the end of the video.

Marshawn Lynch and his fellow Seahawks fire back at Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

“Man, f— Jimmy Fallon,” Lynch shouts before quickly walking off screen.

Never change, Marshawn.


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