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Tony Orlando says severed finger can’t be reattached

Doctors can’t reattach singer Tony Orlando’s missing “smashed up” fingertip after a freak accident. “I’m fine,” he exclusively told the Daily News, “but there’s no way they can reattach it. It got too smashed up in that stupid accident with ...

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Michael Strahan lost part of his finger in a 'little accident'

Michael Strahan pinky swears that he is okay after losing a bit of his finger. The “Good Morning America” host was noticeably absent from Tuesday morning’s show and returned Wednesday to share that he had “a little accident.” “Lost a ...

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Lindsay Lohan sliced off piece of finger in boating accident

Lindsay Lohan lost a piece of her finger in a gruesome accident Sunday. (HANNAH MCKAY/EPA) NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Sunday, October 2, 2016, 3:58 PM Actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly sliced off a piece of her left ring finger in ...

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Sorry, Donald! Scientists say finger size really does matter

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Friday, March 4, 2016, 11:17 AM Just a little tip for aspiring politicians: Size really does matter. Finger size, that is. The size of Trump’s manhood has been a hot debate topic of late, ever ...

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Taylor Swift is OK getting this middle finger

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, February 19, 2016, 10:26 AM This time, Taylor Swift is “flattered” about getting flipped off. The “1989” singer was named best international solo artist from NME magazine — which sent her a gilded trophy of ...

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15 reasons to visit Finger Lakes

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, October 25, 2015, 2:03 AM David Latt The Finger Lakes region is just an hour by plane and three to four hours by car, bus or train from New York City, making it a great ...

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